Replacement Surgery

Total hip replacemen

Total hip replacements

My implant of choice is the Pinnacle Acetabular cup with a Corail femoral stem.  Both of these implants are made by the Depuy company.

In other parts of the website I discuss more fully my philosophy towards hip replacement surgery. I think that fixation of the socket into the pelvis with the Pinnacle acetabular cup and fixation of the femoral component into the femur with the Corail femoral stem is readily obtained in virtually all patients.  These implants do not rely on cement for fixation but rely on your bone interlinking or bonding with the implants. Using these implants I can then select the most appropriate bearing by choosing the type of ball to sit on the femoral component and by choosing the type of liner to fit within the acetabular component. I have been using this particular combination of hip replacement since November 2001. All my work is recorded and audited regularly. I frequently present different aspects of this work at National and International meetings.

Resurfacing hip replacements

The resurfacing hip is now an accepted part of our armamentarium.  Much has been written in the media about it since it was developed in Birmingham.  At the moment its niche in the area of hip arthritis is not clear but undoubtedly it will have a long term role to play. Its role in hip replacements will become more obvious as longer term results become available.

Hip Revision

Hip revision is now becoming a greater proportion of my practice.  In South Warwickshire I do the majority of hip revision surgery and over the years have gained a large experience in this field.  Revision of a hip replacement can be necessary for a variety of reasons although the most common reason is that the implant has become loose with time.  Hip revision procedures can present many different problems to the surgeon and no one prosthesis is suitable for all situations.  Over time I have gained experience with several different implants although the most commonly used implants in revision surgery for me is the pinnacle cup with a long stem Corail revision femoral component. (Depuy).