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My work has become known through three different ways.


1) Presentations - National


(i) The Cementless, the Gold Standard – presented at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital 2007


(ii)        Control of leg length in the uncemented hip – British Hip Society 2008


(iii)       Early Discharge Programme for patients following hip replacements – presentation at EFORT in Prague 2008
poster at British Hip Society 2008


(iv)       Early Discharge Programme for patients following knee replacements – presentation at BASK 2008


(v)        Presentations at Hospitals in the UK -  

Bristol             November 2003/November 2005
Southend         November 2004
Oswestry         2006
Doncaster        2006
Norwich          2006
Isle of Wight   October 2007
Stanmore         November 2007
Manchester      June 2008

(vi)    An early discharge programme for district general hospitals – Chairman of meeting at Birmingham 2010



(i)         Corail Hip Meeting - Annecy/Lyon – four times a year

(ii)        Hip Revision Surgery Meetings -

Marbella          April 2002
Finland            January 2004
Copenhagen    April 2004
Sardinia           June 2004
Denmark         2006
Munich            October 2007
Rome               May 2010
Cape town        April 2011

(iii) Steering Committee for the 25th anniversary meeting of the Corail Geneva June 2011.

2) Corail User Group

I am a member of both the English and International Corail User Groups.  This is an opportunity for like-minded surgeons to present their work, discuss their results, and discuss the development for the future.

3) Corail Registrar training programme

I am a chairman of the faculty of the Corail registrar training programme. This is a training course that meets twice a year to teach junior doctors how to put in the Corail hip.   

4) Visitation Centre

I have a visitation centre in Warwick Hospital.

i)Surgeons from the UK and overseas visit the hospital, they have lectures and then theatre sessions working with me. 
ii) Our early discharge programme is now attracting visits from other hospitals, we present a day’s package explaining how our early discharge system works and helping them implement this in their own hospital if requested.

4) Publications/ Presentations/ Meetings

(i)        Control of bleeding in cemented arthroplasty
Bannister G.C, Young S.K, Baker A.S, Mckinnan J.G, Magnason P.A
J Bone joint surg br.1990 May; 72 (3); 444-6
(i)        Factor related to failure of structural bone grafting in acetabular reconstruction in total hip arthroplasty.
Young S.K, Door L.D, Kaufman R.L, Gruen T.A
Journal of Arthroplasty. 1991; 6 supplement; S73-82
(ii)         Early Discharge after hip arthroplasty with home support – experience at a UK District General Hospital
G. Thomas,  M. Faisal,  S. Young,  R. Asson,  M. Ritson,  R. Bawale
Hip Int 2008 Oct-Dec; 18(4): 294-300

(iii)        Editor of The Corail Hip, The first 25 years – Published June 2011

(iv)       Corail Hip System
Evidence Review 2009
S. Young (UK),  T. Selmi (France),  M. O’Sullivan (Australia)

(v)       Subsidence of the Corail femoral component in the elderly, a retrospective radiological review.
Faisal M, Thomas G, Young S. K, Hip Int 2011 June 13;21 (3): 325-329

(vi)        Increase surgical site morbidity after the dabigatran etexilate the Warwick experience over one year.
Nancoo T, Ho K, Rai P, Waite J, Young S
Presented at the BOTA conference June 2011

(vii)        Reducing the dislocation rate in primary Total Hip replacements-combining a change in surgical technique and increase in femoral head diameter.  
Submitted for publication.

(viii)      Spectral Analysis of the sound produced during femoral broaching and implant insertion in uncemented total hip arthroplasty.  
Submitted for Publication.